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I love to build things, travel and create content for people to enjoy. You can find some of my photos on Instagram and some of the things I've built below.

Hello Jekyll!

So this is the third time I’ve changed my personal website.

Adding a blog platform to my existing website has been a long thought of mine. A week ago I was searching for blogging engines and I discovered a static website generator called Jekyll as well as another one called Pelican; one implemented in Ruby and the other in Python.

As a Python fanatic, I decided to try Pellican. However, I ended up switching to Jekyll as it seemed to fit my needs more and since I also found this cool theme I’m currently using called Hyde.

My personal website has gone through quite a transformation in the past year. I went from having a simple static html website; to an express.js application; and now using Jekyll so I’m more than excited to be trying this blogging platform!